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The year is 1973. (That means Marauders.) The Dark Lord is rising and the students are finding themselves increasingly isolated from one another. With each attack getting closer and closer to Hogwarts, it becomes more urgent to discover where loyalties lie.




Marissa Bernhardt - formerly rissa_hardt (deceased)
Sirius Black - never_siriusly
Alice Bones - always_alice
Lily Evans - fading_lily
Remus Lupin - dark_moon_risin
Peter Pettigrew - rat_that_roared
James Potter - noble_prongs


Ted Tonks - badger_tonks


Cassidy Mathews - dreaming_cass
Dorcas Meadowes - [Bad username: x_meadowslark_x> Kingsley Shacklebolt - <lj user=]
Cassandra Vablatsky - x_cassandra_x
Emmeline Vance - always_emmi


Bellatrix Black - coeurxnoir
Narcissa Black - mirror_love
Regulus Black - baby_black
Lucius Malfoy - _pureblood_
Medea Mulciber - serpent_chaser
Rabastan Lestrange - strange_bast

Other (aka – mod controlled)

Voldemort - _snake_eyes_
Albus Dumbledore - _sherbet_lemon_
Daily Prophet - xdailyxprophetx
Point Me Mods - point_mods




Mundungus Fletcher (7th year)
Edgar Bones (6th year)
Frank Longbottom (6th year) formerly x_rockbottom_x
Caradoc Dearborn (5th year)
Evangeline King (5th year) formerly evening_angel
Marlene McKinnon (5th year) formerly marlene_mk
Ceira Taylor (5th year) formerly rocker_ciera
Fabian Prewett (4th year)
Erik Munch (3rd year)


Ludo Bagman (7th year)
Sturgis Podmore (7th year)
Amos Diggory (6th year) formerly not_perfection
Sybil Trelawney (6th year)
Aidan Lynch (5th year)
Miriam Strout (5th year) formerly heartful_miri
Miranda Goshawk (5th year) formerly chasing_trouble
Andromeda Black (4th year) formerly sweetest_black
Evan Rosier (4th year)


Dolores Umbridge (7th year)
Hestia Jones (6th year)
___ Meliflua (5th year)
Amelia Bones (5th year) formerly shameless_flirt
Benjy Fenwick (5th year) formerly barely_benjy
Adrian Goldstein (5th year) formerly notes_of_gold
Abby Munroe (5th year) formerly abby_munroe
Melanie Boot (4th year)
Wilbert Slinkhard (3rd year)


___ Crabbe [male](7th year)
Antonin Dolohov (7th year)
___ Goyle (male)(7th year)
___ Mulciber [male] (7th year)
___ Avery [male](6th year)
Igor Karkarof (6th year)
Gideon Nott (6th year) formerly golden_nott
Isis Travers (6th year) formerly iron_heart
Samara Hart (5th year) formerly dark_well
Alex Jugson (5th year)
Severus Snape (5th year) formerly snape_snake
Gabriel Zabini (5th year) formerly zycroft
Rodolphus Lestrange (4th year)
Walden Macnair (4th year)

OC's welcome



Private Messages/Blocks: If you want to keep a message specifically between a certain group or couple of players, simply type [block: {insert group name here}]. To block all other players, type [private]. To end either of these blocks, type [/private] or [/block]. Just like doing an LJ cut. Please note that any block/private entry which your character is not allowed to see should not be commented on or referenced to.

Multiple Characters: If you think you can handle more than one, take up to four. I’m going to limit it at that for now, but we’ll see as the RPG moves on. Also, feel free to add some characters to the lists any time at all. Just make sure they’ve got a back-story and some unique trait. (That goes for the characters listed now as well. PLEASE put some serious thought into these back-stories!)

Owls/RPs: If you want to write a scene with another player, post it to the rpg journal in this format:

In the title:

*something amusing, quote etcetera*

In the entry:


In the cut tag:

*some other equally amusing/insightful comment or nothing at all*

For Owls, use the same format and write the name of the sender and recipient in the LJ tag. Example, “Owl to Sirius from Regulus”

OOC Journal: All out-of-character posts should be made to this journal (pointmeooc) to avoid confusion and mayhem. The mods (lj comm="point_mods">) will be making announcements there too, so make sure you read it every now and then.

RPing: When you apply for a character, please also tell us your time zone, AIM screenname and/or e-mail address for role-playing purposes. It’s much more fun this way. Promise.

Application: To apply, fill out the following form:


House (if applicable):
Year (if applicable):
Profession (if applicable):
Physical Traits:
Sample LJ Entry (no more than 200 words, please):
Time Zone (again, for RP purposes):
Famous Person You’re Considering Using For An Icon:

As soon as you have been approved and your character's journal is set up, please e-mail me at the address listed above and let me know so I can add you to the RPG. When you first join the RPG, please introduce yourself and your character in the OOC so that everyone can friend you.

Before you even bother to apply, make sure you have a full understanding of the rules listed above. It would really suck if we had to kick you out. Please don't make us.


The Path Begins Halloween 2003
Prepare to be Pointed