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Mod Time!!!

I've had a thought, y'all.

What do you guys think about moving to GJ? This is mostly a selfish plan on my part, because, dammit, I love icons. I might just do it whether you all give input or not, but I'd rather this not be some uprooting move, if you know what I mean.

So let me know, if you have an opinion...

And also, MARAUDERS AND LILY we need to do that 'by-the-lake' RP. I can NPC Snape if absolutely nessecary, but for the Sirius-tells-Snape-about-Remus scene, I'd really rather not. Any volunteers?

So, to sum up, today's Memo:

- Best Possible Day For Maruader/Lily/Snape RP?
- Move to GJ?
- Snape for Sirius/Snape RP?

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I vote tomorrow for the RP...I'll be all day, but I've got rehearsal at night. What do you think?

...and I vote moving. MORE ICONS YAY!

...andddd I think you should do the RP yourself. Because that would just be so funny, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Deleted comment

Though your numbers are confuseled, I agree to your proposition. I'll just NPC Snape as long as he's not talking to Siri/Reg/Bast. We should also do a Snape/Medea RP after Siri and Medea get engaged. *snickers and falls over*